Our Values and Quality of Service

Our CORE values are:

  • Respect – we believe everyone has value and we show consideration for our customers and our co-workers.
  • Integrity – we act in line with our beliefs and our professional ethnics.
  • Competence – we believe we are capable, effective and good at what we do.
  • Creativity – we are innovative in the work we do.
  • Communication – we believe in open dialogue and the exchange of diverse viewpoints.
  • Teamwork – we believe in cooperating with others toward our common goal. We believe in making decisions that everyone can live with and in finding common ground in difficult situations.

Recent accomplishments that grow out of our core values include:

  • Received a “5 star” rating from the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which is one of the highest ratings of any facility in Northern Virginia.
  • Recognition by the American Hospital Association as an “Institute of Diversity” in Healthcare Management. This recognition is based on on-going diversity training, culturally competent services, and a diversity action team to address staff issues.
  • Awarded the Virginia Gold grant for two years by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services to fund employee retention activities, specifically improving the Certified Nursing Assistance training/recruitment/retention, diversity trainings, and employee health and wellness programs.
  • Received extended assisted living license by Virginia Department of Social Services.
  • Hosted a delegation from Thailand appointed by their Prime Minister to study and report on long term care “best practices” in the United States.  Birmingham Green was recommended as a “must see” site.