Our Future

Northern Virginia’s rapid growth has left communities struggling to meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations. Given the challenge of increasing numbers of older adults and adults with disabilities in the face of workforce shortages and economic uncertainty, Birmingham Green recognizes that it is in a unique position to serve these residents and help meet these future challenges. Our regional partnership provides a ready-made structure for implementing effective programs and optimizing resources.

Partnership with Birmingham Green provides:

  • A state-wide reputation for delivering high-quality services
  • Proficiency in provision of daily living services
  • A stable, passionate, and highly energized staff
  • An established track record of working collaboratively with our partner localities
  • Experience with Federal, State, and local governments on long-term care funding and residential strategies
  • Relationships with area hospitals, long-term care entities, and advocacy groups
  • Recognition that assisted living and nursing home services are critical segments of a much broader continuum of long-term care that should and must be person-centered and community-based
  • Our Board of Directors commitment to strategically increase Birmingham Green’s services to the community

Birmingham Green is proud of its heritage of providing nursing home care and assisted living services. We look forward to collaborating in planning for long-term care services with our involved localities and the region’s citizens. We are committed to find innovative, financially sustainable ways to address these many challenges over the next decade.