Our History

For more than 80 years, Birmingham Green’s familiar District Home building at the end of the tree-lined drive has been “home” to our fellow Northern Virginians needing long-term care, but without the personal resources to afford the services.  Birmingham Green and its predecessor organization have continually provided dignified, caring assistance to its residents.

Resident with dog on grounds of District Home. 1952

It all began in 1926 when five localities in our region combined efforts to establish a home for those who, for a variety of reasons, did not have the ability to care for themselves.  The localities purchased a 54-acre site on Centreville Road in Manassas – a part of a larger tract known as Birmingham Green.  There they built the District Home of Northern Virginia to provide food, shelter, and work for the area’s older indigent citizens.

Resident in kitchen, 1952

The original District Home included farm operations worked by its residents for more than 20 years.  By the 1950s, the farming activities were phased out, and the facility became a rest home, principally serving older clients.  During this time, the home was expanded to accommodate about 80 residents and was licensed as a home for the aged to care for the area’s lowest-income elderly and disabled citizens.

Resident crocheting, 1952

Today, the campus – now called Birmingham Green – is comprised of the recently refurbished 45-bed District Home Assisted Living, a 180-bed Health Care Center that opened in 1991 to provide nursing and rehab services, and the Willow Oaks Assisted Living, a 92-unit supportive housing facility that opened in 2008 to offer assisted living services.

Additionally, today, Birmingham Green still fills a very unique and irreplaceable public-private partnership role that continues to be true to our historical mission for who we serve.  The Health Care Nursing Center is a 100 percent Medicaid facility, the only such facility in Northern Virginia.  Willow Oaks is a 100 percent Auxiliary Grant facility, also the only such facility in Northern Virginia that has dedicated all of its units for the state-administered grant program.  For both facilities, community funds from the local governments that we serve are critical to make up the difference between these state-reimbursements and the full costs of care.

Birmingham Green has also been taking the initiative to anticipate the future, both in the depth and diversity of the needs and the preferences of who we serve.