Welcome to the Health Care Center

Our vision at the Health Care Center is to provide a person-centered community where residents can actively participate in their care, engage in meaningful activities, and build positive relationships with staff, volunteers, and family members.

We have the capacity for 180 residents to live in one of our three 60-bed units /neighborhoods. All of our beds are dually certified by Medicare and Medicaid – meaning we offer skilled services for short stay patients as well as long term services for those individuals needing to stay with us for an extended period of time.

One of our units/neighborhoods is set up to care primarily for cognitively impaired residents and includes a secure, monitored courtyard so residents may safely enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you need short term rehabilitation or need a longer stay at the Health Care Center, our entire nursing staff – including RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, and support staff  – have been selected with regard to their high professional standards and have received training to meet your unique needs.

Our team consists of talented therapists who have a strong reputation for clinical quality, effective outcomes and positive customer service. We offer physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

Our therapists create an individualized plan of care that provides a comprehensive range of programs and services for residents to improve mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance to help maximize daily living skills and rebuild communication abilities.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is a unique science and art that utilizes a wide variety of procedures to restore function to the body, reduce pain and help prevent future injury. Our talented clinical team devises individualized treatment plans to achieve the specific goals of each patient through specialized treatment programs.

We use noninvasive, medication-free programs to address a wide range of prevalent conditions including pain, inflammation, neuromuscular re-education, stroke recovery, contractures, urinary incontinence, wounds, joint replacement recovery, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, herpes zoster and fall prevention. By introducing various treatment options, including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice and heat, physical therapists at Birmingham Green improve treatment outcomes for a broader range of patients and more medically complex conditions.

Occupational Therapy
Our highly skilled occupational therapists are proficient in the treatment of hand and upper extremity pathologies, from the acute to the chronic. Our team designs each treatment based on the physician’s diagnosis and the specific needs of the patient.

Conditions treated include, but are not limited to arthritis, fractures, tendon injuries, peripheral nerve injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive motion disorders. The scope of occupational therapy services offered include: edema control, pain control, range of motion exercises, strengthening, static and dynamic splint fabrication, and dexterity training among others.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy treatment may be utilized to target impairments affecting voice, fluency, cognition, aphasia, and swallowing.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) strive to implement programs that will increase verbal expression, auditory comprehension, and problem-solving. This allows for increased ability to communicate basic physical needs and emotional status, communicate personal self-care needs, engage in social communicative interaction with immediate family and friends, plan for future events, and reminisce about the past.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists also commonly treat swallowing difficulties known as dysphagia. We develop exercise programs, teach compensatory strategies and safe swallow techniques, and provide patient and caregiver therapy education to help with recovery of swallowing function.

Skilled Nursing:

  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Wound Care/Wound VAC/ Wound specialist/Wound physician ON SITE
  • PT/INR monitoring for Coumadin Therapy
  • Geri-Psych Clinical Specialist
  • Pain Management Program including a dedicated “Serenity Suite”
  • Active, Dedicative Restorative Program
  • AED/CPR training for staff
  • Outstanding Preceptor/Training Program
  • CNA Program
  • Dedicated Dementia Unit